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High Energy

Speaking Services

Laura's high energy and participation-driven keynotes and workshops will have your audience laughing, crying, and most importantly, thinking.

Dale M. Beaty, Director of Training & Leadership, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

“Laura Daniels presented at our Wisconsin Ag Women's Summit. Our women rated Laura as the best presenter of the Summit, with 97% classifying her presentation as excellent or good. Laura is a dynamic combination of down home farm girl charm and polished professional speaker. She used both qualities to make a personal connection with our women. Her easy to learn pointers and her own example motivated and inspired the women to be deliberate about effectively sharing their passion for agriculture by telling their stories.” 



Needed "Hitch Pins" - Connecting and Sharing Your Values

This talk will challenge you to think about, "Why do you do it?" Research shows that incorporating your values into your story is the best way to connect with others, keep you focused on what matters and just might make you a better boss!


Using Baler Twine & Barn Lime to Live a Life with Purpose

Laura's refreshing honesty about life's ups and downs will help you see that you need tools to cope, because life isn't all sunshine and roses. Sometimes it's thistles, deep fertilizer and that the cows are out! Laura will help you identify your "barn lime", the little things that give you traction when life gets slippery.


Is Your Team Pulling in the Same Direction?

Just like draft horses, our teams accomplish more if they work together. Laura will help you identify the culture of your farm, family or group and teach you skills to lead organized, effective and short meetings. This hands-on workshop will help maximize results from every member of your team by harnessing their strengths.

Jodi Hoynoski, Programs Manager, Holstein Foundation

“Laura’s in‐depth participation, presentations and keynote were greatly appreciated by all! She rated 4.8 out of 5. Here are just a few of the many positive comments: Emotional power. Very real. Incredibly gifted and inspirational Very motivating! Nice balance of humor and inspiration. Very personal and real. Tremendous presentation by an amazing presenter!”

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Want Laura to speak at your next conference, meeting, or event? Need to learn more about her talks? 

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