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Every person has a different perspective, values and experience. Laura can help you understand yourself as a leader and make a plan to grow. 

Laura has developed training modules to help you or the mid-level managers in your organization identify skills and growth areas. 

This training can be conducted in person or online.

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Culture Building


Laura will lead your team through a discovery process to identify what matters most in your business. 

Connecting to values is a shortcut to building a strong culture. 

This process will be tailored to your needs, ranging from a listening session to a full communication plan.


Career Coaching


Laura will help you uncover what is important to you and how you can find that in a career.

Every person focused on high performance and purpose-driven work needs an experienced sounding board. 

This service will be designed with your goals and timeline in mind. Contact Laura to discuss details.


Strategic Planning


Planning for the future can be the hardest part of any business or farm, but it is also the most important. Whether within the family or planning for the next step, Laura can help your team discover their wants and needs for moving forward, and work on real-time planning to meet them. 


Back-up plans, timelines, commitments, communication and resiliency will all be covered as Laura helps you plan for your successful future.

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Sales Training


Just like draft horses, our teams accomplish more if they work together. 


Communication is key for any business, but especially the sales team. If you are part of any group, this service will give you the horsepower to generate results!

On-site or online training modules are available to deliver this powerful training to your team.


Agriculture Advocacy


Imagine the farmer as the tractor and consumers as the wagon. YOU are the hitch pin. It is your responsibility to share the story of agriculture, especially your story.


No one can share your story better than you can.


Social media, public speaking, news stations, podcasts- Laura has done it all. Whether you need some advice on how to tell your story or need to build a public relations plan, Laura is here to help.