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Plan  Grow  Lead

Connecting potential to performance


Strategic Planning

Build a plan

Focus on strengths

Create accountability

Leadership Training

Train managers

Communicate well

Manage conflict

Labor Auditing

Allocating resources

Find blind spots

Develop communication tools

Hitch Pin, helping you manage your greatest resource: your people.

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Our work

Laura Daniels has been working with family businesses and building teams for over twenty years. She started as a dairy cattle nutritionist focused on increasing profitability through science and sound management advice. However, Laura has increasingly been drawn to the people side of the cow business.


Now her focus turns to helping businesses manage their greatest resource: their people. 

Laura has a valuable and unique combination of expertise in both nutrition and people management. On a dairy these are the top two expenses and thereby, areas with the most opportunity. All of this experience and a true passion to help people succeed forms the solid foundation for this exciting start-up, Hitch Pin Consulting. 

At Hitch Pin our goal is to connect people to their potential. 


 To learn more about Laura and Hitch Pin, click here.


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